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Integrated Business Planning  Strategy to Execution

About Us
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With almost 30 years experience working in complex planning environments we specialise in building and supporting Integrated Business Planning for the Food & Beverage Industry through the application of a powerful set of planning tools covering Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Finance. 

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Integrated Business Planning

At Stepchange we have developed products that connect long term strategic objectives (Horizons) with our S&OP tool (Autoplan) to ensure alignment and visibility across the entire value chain, visualised in our Integrated Business Review product, Powerboard

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Sales Demand Forecasting 

Here we build the short to medium term sales forecast complete with quantifiable building blocks set against the Top Line Strategic Objectives to develop and grow the Revenue Line supported by our powerful sales tool, Marketplace. 

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MRP & Inventory Planning 

Once the sales forecast has been generated and checked for constraints we connect this to the MRP process and build detailed and user friendly Insights into Inventory management 

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Supplier Management

Once the MRP has been updated our Inventory Management tool sitting within OpsFlow provides detailed and user friendly Insights into the Order to Pay process highlighting any risks in terms of material late deliveries or shortages factoring in safety stock targets and lead times

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Our Products
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Detailed Production Planning

This is where we connect Strategy to Execution right down to SKU and day level granularity, deep diving into DIFOT, Loss in Process and BOM yields complete with our dedicated product 'OpsFlow'

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Finance and Scenario Modeling 

Once the unconstrained Sales Forecast has been finalised we then translate the volumes into the Financial Forecast, again measured against the Strategic Objectives for alignment or mitigation. This introduces the 'What If' scenario modeling phase using our 'Optimiser' tool which is in turn connected to our projects and initiatives tracker 

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